Cladding Painting Contractors Bournemouth

Does the cladding of your building require re-painting? Has it seen better days and is now crying out for a fresh coat of paint? If so, pick up the phone and call ColorKote today on 01202 798993 to speak to the most knowledgeable cladding painting contractors Bournemouth has to offer. Our impressive workmanship speaks for itself, so do not hesitate to reach out to us today to find out more.

Hand Off to Our Professional Cladding Painting Contractors in Bournemouth

Most buildings are equipped with cladding, which is essentially one material laid over another. The purpose is to create an outer skin that increases the building’s weather resistance as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. But cladding does more than that – it also enhances the aesthetics, covering up brickwork and render while lending the exterior a sophisticated look. To keep cladding looking its best, you need to hire the best cladding painting contractors Bournemouth has to offer.

Cladding comes in a variety of materials, including:


  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Brick
  • Vinyl
  • Recycled Polystyrene
  • Cement Blends


Here at ColorKote, our Bournemouth cladding painting contractors can work with virtually any material. We provide coatings that not only look great but are also rated to last. These are high-performance products that yield exceptional results, so you can expect outstanding value for money.

Cladding Painting Contractors Bournemouth

Cladding Painting Contractors Bournemouth Customers Can Rely On

To be the best, you must supply the best; and that’s precisely what ColorKote do. We source our paints from trusted suppliers, so you can be assured of a level of finish that is unsurpassed. We’ve re-painted cladding panels on buildings throughout the local area for many years. Our cladding painting contractors in Bournemouth are always up to the task, whether they are working on Plastisol corrugated sheets, flat composite PVF2 panels, or something else entirely.


Perhaps you’re in the process of refreshing your company’s image through a comprehensive re-branding programme. Or maybe you’re overseeing a large office block that requires an urgent face-lift. Whatever the case may be, you can always count on our highly trained cladding painting contractors. Bournemouth customers can call on ColorKote to repair, prepare, and re-coat large areas. All our operations will be carried out in a way that minimises disruption.


As stated above, we use materials sourced from some of the industry’s leading brands, such as Tor, Giromax, and Akzo Nobel. Not only have these coatings been produced to an exacting standard, but they also come with a full guarantee. This is an insurance-backed guarantee that lasts for up to 15 years. This should provide you, the customer, with yet further reassurances when contacting our Bournemouth cladding painting contractors.

Case Study – Sky

Sky inquired about cladding services for their London campus not too long ago, and decided to enlist our cladding painting contractors. Bournemouth customers should take note as they too can benefit from the same level of service we provided for this particular project. The Flagship Sky Central office had just been completed, and the surrounding buildings were looking lacklustre as a result. Our team used the Tor paint system to create a blank canvas in preparation for the re-branding team to do their thing.


You can see the results for yourself by clicking on our Sky case study page.

Why Choose Our Bournemouth Cladding Painting Contractors?

When searching for the most knowledgeable cladding painting contractors, Bournemouth customers need look no further than ColorKote. We service all areas of the UK and have surpassed the expectations of so many for more than 15 years. From spray painting to traditional painting services, our expertise extends to clients throughout the commercial, industrial, retail, and leisure industries.


We’ve partnered with Europe’s leading manufacturers to offer superior results at highly competitive rates. The products we use are fast curing, hard-wearing, and boast a high level of adhesion. We can work on both small and large-scale projects, bringing a level of innovation that sets our work apart from that of our competitors. Plus, we always work in a way that minimises disruption.


We seek to grow our business and develop the service we provide even further. Our aim is to achieve this through the acquisition and development of new technologies, making us the go-to company for cladding painting contractors in Bournemouth.

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