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Have you been searching for a team of professionals that can provide quality spraying services for cladding? Then look no further, as you’ve now found the experts at Colorkote! We’re the first-choice team for property owners who are in need of cladding spraying specialists. Our experts work closely with all clients to make sure that they end up with spraying services that fulfill all requirements and leave them wholly satisfied.

If you’re interested in our cladding spraying and would like to get started with our experts today, be sure to get in touch now. Our staff will be happy to go through your queries at length, as they get you set up with our services as quickly as possible. You can reach us over the phone now by calling 01202 798 993. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at, where we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Best Cladding Spraying Specialists

Here at Colorkote, we’re proud to be the first-choice cladding spraying specialists for various property owners. Our staff works closely with all clients to make sure that they end up with the spray painting service that is most suitable for their needs. We go above and beyond at every opportunity to ensure that the needs of our clients are fulfilled and that they’re left wholly satisfied with our efforts. It is our aim to exceed expectations by delivering first-class cladding spraying.

Our staff has been thoroughly trained with regard to carrying out cladding spraying. What’s more, our team has taken on many challenging projects over the years, all of which have been completed to a high standard. As such, our specialists are confident in being able to fulfill the needs of all property owners that need to have their cladding spray painted. Our team members are always updated on the latest spraying techniques to make sure that they’re delivering the best service possible to our clients.

We have all of the equipment that is required to complete cladding spraying to the highest standards. We have continued to update and improve our spray painting tools over the years to make sure that we have the latest equipment available for use. Our team is proud to be one of the market leaders when it comes to cladding spraying services. Below, you can learn more about our cladding spraying process, as well as how you can benefit from having your cladding spray painted.

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When Should You Get Cladding Spraying?

Cladding is an important part of many commercial and industrial properties and is a feature that must be maintained to a high standard. As cladding is situated on the outside of buildings, it’s exposed to weathering, which means it requires extra protection. Many property owners have chosen to use protective paints in order to protect their cladding. While such paint can be challenging to come by, we at Colorkote have an extensive range available for local property owners.

Protective paint is an excellent solution for property owners who want to protect their cladding without breaking the bank. Having protective paint applied to your cladding will help to keep it in top condition and will increase its lifespan. The protective paint that we at Colorkote have available is supplied by some of the leading manufacturers in Europe, so customers can rest assured that they’re getting an effective product for their cladding.

When you first reach out to our cladding spraying specialists, we will consult with you to outline how much paint needs to be applied to your cladding. Our staff will introduce you to the impressive selection of protective paint options that we have available and help you settle on a suitable type for your building. You’re sure to be blown away by the personalised service that we offer, as we ensure that you end up with quality protective paint that is suitable for your needs.

Once you’ve decided what type of protective paint you want for your cladding, our team will arrange a convenient date upon which to visit your site and have it sprayed. We always work with speed and efficiency in mind to make sure that we don’t cause too much disruption to our clients’ daily schedules. Our staff carry out thorough quality checks on the protective paint that we’ve applied to ensure that it meets our high standards.

Benefits of Cladding Spraying

There are many advantages offered by protective paint for cladding, which is why many of our clients choose it for their properties. For a start, protective paint will act as an extra protective layer for your cladding and will ensure that it’s kept in top condition for a long time. You’ll significantly reduce the chances of needing to replace your cladding due to damage if you have protective paint put in place.

Another benefit of protective paint for cladding is that it’s great looking. We have a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from when it comes to our protective paint, so customers are sure to find a suitable coat. If you’re looking to spruce up your property while also providing it with better protection, speaking with our cladding spraying specialists is the way to go.

Other Services We Offer

At Colorkote, it has always been our aim to cater to the needs of all property owners that require cladding spraying. However, our team realises that there are many other areas of a property that need to be covered in protective paint aside from cladding, it’s for this reason that we’ve continued to expand our spray painting services over the years. Property owners can also reach out to us for spray painting services concerning the following:

  • Roller Shutters
  • Curtain Walling
  • Shop Fronts
  • Roof Spraying
  • And Much More!

Our staff has plenty of experience when it comes to spray paint all of the above. What’s more, we have a wide variety of quality paints available that are suitable for all of the surfaces that we spray paint. Our team is capable of taking on multiple spray painting projects at a time on one site, so you can have all the key areas of your building taken care of in no time. Such versatility makes us more than just reliable cladding spraying specialists.


Our team understands that there are many painting projects where the use of spray painting equipment is not possible. To make sure that we can still meet the needs of all our customers, we offer a standard painting service that is available for industrial and commercial property owners. You can expect to receive the same high standard of service during this time as from our cladding spraying specialists. The different surfaces that we can cover through our traditional painting services include:

  • Blockwork
  • Steelwork
  • Floor
  • Walls
  • Woodwork

Our staff realise that, with a lot of painting projects, time is money. As such, you can expect us to work with speed and efficiency as we get your surfaces painted as quickly as possible. You can rely on our staff to carry out thorough quality checks on your surfaces after they’ve been painted. It’s important to us that all of our painting work meets our high standards. This flexible, traditional painting service proves that we’re a reliable contractor for more than just cladding spraying.

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Why Choose Us Our Cladding Spraying Specialists?

We at Colorkote have been operating for many years and, over time, have built up an excellent reputation. Our staff have taken on many challenging projects involving cladding spraying and have completed them all to an exceptionally high standard. It is because of our impressive history of consistent success that commercial and industrial property owners continue to choose us for cladding spraying. It is our aim to only improve our services further to grow our client base even more.

Our team understands how important it is for property owners to know that they’re dealing with a reliable team regarding cladding spraying. As such, we’re proud to boast that we’re fully endorsed by several well-respected industry organisations. For example, we have accreditation from both CHAS and Safecontractor, with both companies praising the conduct of our team. It’s because of this recognition throughout the industry that clients continue to choose our cladding spraying specialists.

Rather than just reading about our excellent cladding spraying services, why not take a look at our efforts for yourself? We’ve uploaded several videos onto our website that show our staff in action. Seeing our cladding spraying specialists working will give you a better idea of what to expect when you reach out to us for painting services. You’re sure to be impressed once you see the stunning results that our experts have delivered on past projects.

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So, if you’d like to get started with the most reliable cladding spraying specialists available, don’t hesitate to contact us at Colorkote today! Our friendly team of spraying and painting experts will be more than happy to go through our various services at length. We will go through all of your questions thoroughly and make sure that you’re left with all the required information. You can depend on our staff to get you set up with our cladding spraying services as quickly as possible.

If you’re unable to reach us during business hours, email your queries to or fill out our online contact form. Our spray-painting specialists will get back to you with a comprehensive answer as soon as they can. Alternatively, speak with one of our specialists directly by calling us at 01202 798 993. No matter what contact method you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you’re dealing with cladding spraying specialists.