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Is your premises looking a little worn? Could it benefit from a fresh coat of paint? If so, for the best industrial and commercial spraying services, look no further than Colorkote. We have over 15 years of experience in transforming your property with minimum disruption, so call us at 01202 798993 to find out more.

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Here at Colorkote, we specialise in industrial and commercial spray painting services, using specialist paints. In many cases, our work comes with a manufacturer backed guarantee of up to 15 years, available in full BS and RAL colours as well as colour matching.

Over the years, we have transformed a range of areas with our specialist coatings. Some of the areas we can transform with our industrial and commercial spraying are:

  • Cladding and Roller Shutters
  • Curtain Walling and Shopfronts
  • Cut Edge Corrosion
  • Intumescent Paint Spraying
  • Roof Spraying
  • Suspended Ceilings and Soffits

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Cladding and Roller Shutters

At Colorkote, we are experts at re-coating cladding panels, from Plastisol corrugated sheets to flat composite PVF2 panels. We have a coating treatment to suit all requirements and can prepare and re-coat extensive areas without affecting neighbouring tenants operations.

Additionally, we are approved partners for many of the UK’s leading coating manufacturers, including Tor, Giromax, and Akzo Nobel. These coating systems can be backed up by an Insurance backed guarantee of up to 15 years.

Curtain Walling and Shopfronts

Our team has completed a large number of refurbishments to existing aluminium Curtain wall systems, including windows, doors, and shopfront screens. We use high adhesion 2pack coating systems, enabling us to complete areas quickly.

Our high adhesion coatings provide excellent hard wearing, long-lasting finishes to often tired-looking aluminium windows. As an experienced industrial and commercial painting contractor, we are able to coast both internal and external elements.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion is something that happens to the end laps of plastisol sheeting, normally on the bottom of a vertical cladding sheet or end lap of a roof sheet. This exposes the bare metal, which then begins to rust, but we have a process to remedy this.

We treat the rust and feather back the failing plastisol to a sound edge, followed by a rust-inhibiting bare metal primer. Then, depending on the specified coating system, we apply either the Delcote Seamsil base coat or Tor Elastaseal Fibretex. The top coats are then applied as directed.

Intumescent Paint Spraying

At Colorkote, we are able to apply fire protection coatings to a variety of surfaces, providing up to 120 minutes of protection. The coatings allow structural elements of the building to withstand the spread of fire and not just buckle under the intense heat, allowing occupants to safely evacuate.

We are able to supply and apply industrial and commercial spraying coatings from Nullifire, Jotun, and Thermoguard.

Roof Spraying

From sheet protection to full waterproofing, we have successfully completed numerous roof refurbishment works over the years. We are able to specify and apply industry-accredited coating systems backed by the manufacturer’s warranty of up to 20 years. As industrial and commercial spray painting experts, we can carry this service out in busy environments such as Industrial Estates, Business Parks, and more.

Suspended Ceilings And Soffits

At Colorkote, we can spray large ceiling areas, be they suspended ceiling tiles or bare soffits. Our team is experts at masking and protecting the adjacent surfaces, allowing for up to 1000m2 to be completed in a single shift.

Suspended ceiling tiles can become tired looking over time, and we have a number of water-based industrial and commercial spraying treatments. This treatment gives them a new lease on life, which is cheaper than replacing them.

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Why Choose Our Industrial And Commercial Spraying Services?

Based on the South Coast, the Colorkote team is industrial and commercial spray painting experts. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and can service all areas of the UK. Wherever you are located in the country, you can rely on our team to be there providing the highest standards of work.

We have partnered with Europe’s leading manufacturers to offer superior industrial coatings backed by their own manufacturer’s warranty. Our industrial and commercial spraying coatings are all high adhesion, fast curing, and hard-wearing. This enables us to achieve a smooth finish that lasts for years to come.

At Colorkote, simply meeting your expectations isn’t enough; we want to exceed them every single time. This is why we are constantly seeking new technologies and products to be able to improve the efficiency and quality of the end product. It is this commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that has led to us becoming the premier industrial and commercial painting contractor in the UK.

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For further information about our industrial and commercial spraying services, please contact Colorkote today at 01202 798993. Alternatively, you can send an email to or fill out our simple online form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.