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Welcome to Colorkote, where our 20+ years of expertise in the realm of protective coatings merge with a passion for excellence. We’re not just a company; we’re your trusted partners in safeguarding your assets. We specialise in delivering top-tier Noxyde coating services, renowned for their unmatched durability and superior protection. Our commitment is not only to provide exceptional services but also to ensure that each project we undertake benefits from our deep-rooted knowledge in both traditional and spray-painting techniques.

For anyone seeking professional Noxyde coating services, you’ve come to the right place. Our bespoke approach means we tailor every project to your specific needs, ensuring that your metal cladding and roofing receive the best defence against the elements. With warranties extending up to 25 years on all our products, your investment is not just protected; it’s future proofed.

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The Best Option for Coatings Using Noxyde Dorchester Has to Offer

Embarking on a new project or refurbishing an existing structure, you might be considering the best options for long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal. Enter Noxyde coating services – a game-changer in the world of protective coatings. At Colorkote, we understand that the right coating can make all the difference, and that’s where Noxyde truly shines.

Noxyde coatings stand out for their exceptional durability and versatility, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s safeguarding metal cladding or ensuring your roof withstands the test of time, Noxyde has proven its worth time and again. But what really sets Noxyde apart? How can it transform your property?

We’re excited to delve into these questions and more. If you’re curious about how Noxyde can elevate your next project, or if you have specific requirements in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What is Noxyde?

Noxyde is a revolutionary water-based elastomeric coating, designed to offer exceptional corrosion protection for up to 15 years. As a premier product in our range, Noxyde is meticulously engineered to resist cracking and peeling, ensuring your metal surfaces remain pristine. Its formidable rust prevention capabilities halt the spread of rust, while its UV-resistant properties maintain its integrity against harsh sunlight.

One of the most remarkable features of Noxyde is its flexibility. Unlike traditional coatings, it adapts to the expansion and contraction of metal roofs, eliminating the risk of flaking. This adaptability, combined with its superior adhesion to metal, creates a waterproof barrier that prevents any underlying rust from occurring.

The application of Noxyde is a streamlined process. With minimal surface preparation required, it can be conveniently applied via spray, making it an ideal primer or topcoat for metal cladding and roof protection. This quick and easy application means less disruption to business operations, making Noxyde an efficient and effective choice for metal protection in various settings.

Incorporating Noxyde into your project not only provides robust protection but also ensures a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish for metal and cladding metal surfaces.

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Maximising Durability: The Long-Lasting Benefits of Noxyde Coatings for Metal Protection

Noxyde coatings offer a range of benefits that set them apart in the world of protective coatings. These benefits are particularly significant when it comes to metal cladding and roof protection, where durability and resilience are paramount.

  • Longevity and Durability: Noxyde coatings are designed for lasting performance. They provide robust metal protection, ensuring that surfaces withstand various environmental conditions without deteriorating.
  • Minimal Preparation Required: One of the key advantages of Noxyde is the minimal preparation needed before application. This feature significantly reduces the time and effort involved in the coating process, making it a convenient choice for both new projects and maintenance work.
  • Adaptability to Metal Expansion: Noxyde’s unique formulation allows it to move with metal surfaces as they expand and contract. This flexibility prevents cracking and peeling, maintaining the coating’s integrity over time.
  • Exceptional Metal Cladding Protection: Noxyde coatings are especially effective for metal cladding, providing a shield against corrosion, UV damage, and abrasion. This ensures that cladding maintains its aesthetic and functional qualities for years.
  • Waterproof and Rust-Resistant: The coatings create a waterproof barrier that prevents rust, crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and appearance of metal surfaces.
  • Easy Application: The ability to apply Noxyde via spray makes it a user-friendly option, facilitating quick and even coverage, which is particularly beneficial for large-scale roof protection projects.

Understanding the Application Process: Tips for Optimal Use of Noxyde in Your Projects

Applying Noxyde coatings is a meticulous process that we at Colorkote have refined to ensure the best results, particularly in metal cladding and roof protection. Our approach combines expert technique with attention to detail, starting with thorough preparation. Despite Noxyde requiring minimal preparation, we ensure that all surfaces are clean and free from debris and rust, laying a solid foundation for the coating.

Our skilled technicians then apply the Noxyde coatings using specialised spray equipment. This method allows for a uniform and seamless application, covering every inch of the metal surface efficiently. The spray technique is particularly advantageous for complex structures and hard-to-reach areas, ensuring comprehensive metal protection.

One of our tricks to achieving optimal results is the careful monitoring of coating thickness. We apply Noxyde in layers, allowing each to dry adequately before applying the next. This step-by-step approach ensures a robust and even coating, enhancing the durability and effectiveness of the protection.

Finally, we pay close attention to weather conditions during application. Noxyde performs best when applied in dry, mild conditions, so we plan our work schedule to coincide with favourable weather, ensuring the coatings cure properly for maximum efficacy. This attention to detail is what sets our application of Noxyde coatings apart, guaranteeing the highest standard of protection for our clients’ projects.

Noxyde Dorchester

Comparing Noxyde with Traditional Coatings: What Sets It Apart in Roof and Cladding Protection?

Noxyde coatings stand out in the sphere of roof and metal protection, offering distinct advantages over traditional coatings. Its environmental friendliness is a key differentiator; as a water-based solution, Noxyde is less harmful to the environment compared to many solvent-based alternatives. This makes it a more sustainable and responsible choice.

Versatility is another significant advantage of Noxyde. It adheres well to various substrates, not limited to metal, broadening its application scope beyond traditional, substrate-specific coatings. This adaptability is invaluable for comprehensive roof protection and metal cladding solutions.

A notable feature of Noxyde is its elasticity. Unlike traditional rigid coatings, it maintains flexibility over time, accommodating structural movements and temperature fluctuations. This elasticity drastically reduces the risk of cracking, a frequent issue with more inflexible coatings.

Moreover, Noxyde’s superior UV resistance ensures longer-lasting colour and structural integrity, outshining traditional coatings that may degrade under prolonged sun exposure. This aspect is especially beneficial for roofs, which endure constant sunlight. Noxyde, therefore, represents an advanced, versatile, and environmentally friendly option for roof and metal protection.

Our Range of Services

Our expertise extends beyond Noxyde coatings, encompassing a wide range of specialised services. Roof spraying is a key area of our proficiency. We’ve successfully completed numerous refurbishments across the UK, from sheet protection to full waterproofing, as approved Tor & Giromax partners. Our approach ensures minimal disruption, even in busy environments like industrial estates, hospitals, and retail parks.

Our expertise in treating cut edge corrosion is particularly noteworthy. We skilfully address this common issue in plastisol sheeting, extending the sheeting’s life by up to 15 years. Our process involves treating rust, applying a rust-inhibiting primer, and sealing with top-quality coatings.

Cladding spraying is another of our forte. We adeptly re-coat various cladding panels, from Plastisol corrugated sheets to flat composite PVF2 panels. Whether it’s re-branding or tenant dilapidations, we ensure extensive areas are treated without impacting adjacent operations.

Additionally, we specialise in window & curtain walling spraying, offering high-adhesion, durable finishes to aluminium systems, and ceilings & soffit Spraying, transforming large areas efficiently with minimal disruption.

Our industrial coating services cover flat roof, steelwork, and masonry, using top-tier products and innovative technologies for long-lasting, high-quality finishes.

Other Available Products

In addition to Noxyde products, we also offer other types of coatings using other industry-leading products, including:

Why Choose Colorkote for Metal Cladding Coatings?

Based in the South Coast, Colorkote is a leader in commercial spray painting, with over 20 years of experience serving UK-wide clientele in commercial, industrial, retail, and leisure sectors. Specialising in roof, cladding, shopfront spraying, and commercial painting, we are known for our ability to transform properties with minimal disruption.

We pride ourselves on partnering with Europe’s top manufacturers, ensuring superior industrial coatings backed by warranties of up to 15 years. Emphasising health and safety, we use the latest environmentally friendly coating solutions and strives for continuous improvement and client satisfaction.

Noxyde Dorchester


We invite you to explore our projects page, which showcases a selection of the significant jobs we’ve proudly completed. Among them, you’ll find our work at the prestigious St Giles Hotel near Heathrow Airport, a project that highlights our expertise in delivering top-quality coating solutions in high-profile settings.

Another notable project is our work at the Mitie Sky Central Conference Centre, where our skilled team demonstrated their proficiency in managing large-scale, complex coating requirements. These examples are just a glimpse of our diverse capabilities. Each project underscores our commitment to excellence and our ability to meet the unique needs of every client.


At Colorkote, we pride ourselves on our recognised accreditations, a testament to our commitment to excellence and safety. Our team is accredited by SafeContractor, a renowned health and safety assessment scheme, ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of safety in all our projects.

We are also certified by CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), demonstrating our dedication to maintaining superior health and safety protocols. Furthermore, our partnership with Alltimes Coatings, a leader in innovative coating solutions, enables us to provide cutting-edge services. These accreditations reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering quality, safety, and excellence in every aspect of our work.

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