Commercial and industrial spray painting

We specialise in commercial spray painting and industrial spray painting using specialist paints with minimum disruption to daily trade. We have transformed metal roofs, vertical cladding, shopfronts, suspended ceilings and soffits with our specialist coatings. In many cases our work comes with a manufacturer-backed paint guarantee of up to 15 years, available in full BS and RAL colours as well as colour matching. We also have experience renovating lift doors, radiator casings, A/C ducting and metal staircases, and we have applied coatings for architectural aluminium and steel preservation as well as fire retardant/intumescent coatings.

Roof and cladding spraying

We have partnered with Europe’s leading manufacturers to offer superior industrial coatings backed by their own manufacturer’s warranty of up to 15 years. Over time, existing cladding and roof coatings on industrial units can become discoloured, chalked and start to suffer from cut edge corrosion.

Our industrial coatings prolong the life of the panels by up to 15 years by providing a protective seal and finish. Our coatings are applied in-situ using the latest technology, with minimum disruption to daily trade always our top priority.

Shopfront spraying

Our specialist coatings are designed to refresh tired, discoloured, chalking aluminium powder coated shop frontages, commercial windows / curtain walling and doors.

We use high adhesion, fast curing and hard wearing coatings to enable us to achieve a smooth finish with minimum disruption to the building occupier.

Full BS and RAL colours are available, as well as a colour matching service.

Ceiling & soffit spraying

Metal and mineral fibre based suspended ceiling tiles as well as soffits can be given a fresh look and colour using the latest environmentally-friendly water based coatings.

We can transform offices and large retail spaces in a single visit. Large areas can be carefully planned out, even in live environments of up to 1000m2 per shift (subject to time allowed).