Spray Painting

Commercial and industrial spray painting

We specialise in commercial spray painting and industrial spray painting using specialist paints with minimum disruption to daily trade. We have transformed metal roofs, vertical cladding, shopfronts, suspended ceilings and soffits with our specialist coatings. Some roof coatings come with a 25-year manufacture’s guarantee. We also have experience renovating lift doors, radiator casings, A/C ducting and metal staircases, and we have applied coatings for architectural aluminium and steel preservation as well as fire retardant/intumescent coatings.

Roof spraying

We have successfully completed numerous roof refurbishment works, from sheet protection to full waterproofing, all over the UK. We are approved Tor & Giromax partners. We are able to specify and apply industry accredited coating systems backed up by the manufacturer’s warranty of up to 25 years. Colorkote are used to working in busy industrial and commercial environments enabling us to repair and spray large roof areas without impacting the tenants. These areas include Industrial Estate, Business parks, Hospitals, and retail parks.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut Edge Corrosion is something that happens to the end laps of plastisol sheeting. Normally on the bottom of a vertical cladding sheet or the end lap of a roof sheet. The plastisol begins to degrade with the original Pastisoll coating breaking down exposing the bare metal underneath which then starts to rust. The process consists of the treatment of the rust and feathering back the failing plastisol to a sound edge, followed by a rust inhibiting bare metal primer. Then, depending on the specified coating system, we apply either the Delcote Seamsil base coat or Tor Elastaseal Fibretex which builds up the exposed metal and sealing the sound plastisol to the bare edge. The top coats are then applied as directed.

The Cut Edge Corrosion treatment successfully prolongs the life of the plastisol sheeting for up to another 15 years backed by an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Cladding Spraying

Colorkote are experts at re-coating cladding panels. From Plastisol corrugated sheets to flat composite PVF2 panels, we have a coating treatment to suit. From re-branding to tenant dilapidations, we can repair, prepare and re-coat extensive areas without affecting neighbouring tenants operations.

We are approved partners for many of the UK’s leading coating manufacturers including Tor, Giromax and Akzo Nobel. Coating systems can be backed up by an Insurance backed guarantee of up to 15 years!

Window and Door Spraying

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Window & Curtain Walling Spraying

We have completed a large number of refurbishments to existing aluminium Curtain wall systems including windows, doors and shopfront screens. We use high adhesion 2pack coating systems which enable us to complete areas quickly (touch dry within 1hr) and effectively, without causing the tenants any disruption. Our high adhesion coatings provide excellent hard wearing, long lasting finishes to often tired looking aluminium windows. We are able to professionally coat both internal and external elements as well as all opening / closing edges providing a first class factory looking finish and 10 year warranty.

Ceilings & Soffit Spraying

Colorkote are able to spray large ceiling areas, be it suspended ceiling tiles or bare soffits, we can carry this out with the minimum of fuss. Our operatives are experts at masking and protecting the adjacent surfaces allowing for up to 1000m2 to be completed in a single shift.
Suspended ceiling tiles can become tired looking over time and we have an number of water based treatments which can be spray applied to the tiles giving them an new lease of life which is a lot cheaper than replacing them.
We only use premium industry products from manufacturers such as Zinsser, PPG & AkzoNobel. Transforming the look of a large space easily.

Industrial Coating

Flat Roof:
Our partnering with TOR Coatings means we only use TOR”s leading Elastaseal Z System. TOR Elastaseal Z uses innovative technologies to deliver a fast application on existing roofs with weathered, worn or damaged substrates and gets its Z from its zero odour, zero leaks and zero disruption benefits.
TOR Elastaseal Z is a leading liquid roof waterproofing solution that offers a safer, more user-friendly experience for sites where fumes can be hazardous, such as schools, pharmaceutical and food/beverage manufacturing sites, hospitals, commercial offices and retail units.
Available in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year systems.

New & existing structural & architectural steelwork can be finished in a number of systems and long lasting finishes. We use coating systems from AkzoNobel, Joutn, Zinsser, Rustoleum.

More of our clients are realising the potential of coating their masonry surfaces from brickwork, blockwork & concrete. Offering protection from the rain, Graffiti and dust. It also allows the client to transform boring surfaces with colours and branding opportunities.

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