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Tor Coatings approved Partner

We work in partnership with Tor Coatings to supply and apply all Tor systems. Part of one of the world’s largest coatings manufacturers and with over 35 years experience in the building coatings industry, Tor Coatings deliver innovative and effective products. This includes Elastaseal, one of the most advanced roof waterproofing solutions on the market offering protection for up to 25 years.

Unicover S & Unicover Ultra S Roof and Cladding Coating

Colorkote are experienced in offering cladding coating services to give external cladding an instant facelift. TOR’s Unicover S & Ultra Range Roof & Cladding Finish help to protect, maintain and improve the appearance of external cladding. They are quick and easy to apply and protect against long term weather damage so buildings stay looking better for longer. Unicover S comes with a 10year warranty and Ultra S comes with a 15year manufacturers warranty.

Elastaseal Liquid Flat Roofing System

Colorkote are fully accredited to supply and apply Elastaseal, which offers protection against leaks for up to 25 years. Liquid roofing is the process of applying high technology waterproof coating systems onto roof substrates. It is a technology unlike any other offering significant advantages over conventional and sheet roofing materials. The system provides a cold liquid applied, breathable, seamless membrane encapsulating the entire roof. It moves with the roof and allows vapour release from the existing substrate. Liquid roofing solutions are more cost-effective than other roof repair options. They are considerably safer than the likes of felt application, with no need for hot works on the roof meaning a property can remain in use while the refurbishment is taking place. These coatings can be applied to new or existing roof membranes and are suited to flat, pitched and domed roof designs.

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As a Tor Coatings partner, we are accredited to supply and apply all Tor Coatings products including Elastaseal, Rustoleum Noxyde and Torclad MC Cladding Finish and Raincoat Cladding Finish. All our work with these products is supported by a 10 year insurance-backed warranty.

Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Colorkote worked together with a client to devise a cost effective solution for refurbishing the roof. Having been exposed to the elements for 25 years, the plastisol coating on the roofing across the entire hospital site had begun to come away from the metal substrate. The trust was keen to find a cost effective alternative to replacing the damaged roofing that would prolong the life of the existing roofing sheets. Colorkote applied Tor Coatings Raincoat HB to protect the panels. This included treating the cut-edge corrosion to the edges of the sheets and completely re-coating them. As part of the same project Colorkote also applied Elastaseal Liquid Roofing to the perimeter guttering on the site. Colorkote provided a cost effective solution for the trust using systems that were quick and easy to apply, extending the life of the roofing sheets by up to 10 years and minimising disruption to staff and patients at the busy hospital site.