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Welcome to Colorkote, your trusted provider of industrial spray painting solutions in Sussex. As an approved partner of TOR Coatings, Sussex clients can rely on us to bring over 20 years of experience to every project, ensuring exceptional results that stand the test of time.

At Colorkote, we take pride in our highly accredited team of experts who work diligently to deliver superior finishes, adhering to all health and safety regulations. Whether you require coating services for commercial or industrial applications, we’ve got you covered.

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What Are TOR Coatings?

TOR Coatings, a renowned name in the business, is at the forefront of high-performance liquid coatings designed to protect and beautify building interiors and exteriors. With a focus on innovation and technology, TOR Coatings, Sussex clients, has carved a niche for itself in the industry.

Where Can TOR Coatings Be Applied?

TOR Coatings offers versatile solutions that can be applied to a wide range of building surfaces, both interior and exterior. When it comes to enhancing and protecting your property, TOR Coatings has you covered.

For roofing applications, TOR Coatings’ expertise shines through. Their roofing products are designed for waterproofing and safeguarding roofs, ensuring long-lasting protection against the elements.

When it comes to floors, walls, and business premises, TOR Coatings’ paints and coatings come into play, offering durability and resilience. Whether it’s enhancing the appearance of walls, adding fire protection products, or protecting hygiene areas from harmful bacteria, their coatings have the expertise to deliver.

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What Are the Benefits of TOR Coatings?

TOR Coatings, Sussex clients, offers a multitude of benefits that make them a top choice in the world of coatings. Whether you’re looking to protect and refresh your property or enhance its aesthetic appeal, TOR Coatings delivers on multiple fronts.

The benefits of TOR Coatings include:

  • Long-Term Protection
  • Fast Application
  • A Fresh New Look
  • Easily Applied
  • Colour Matching
  • Multi-Surface
  • Waterproofing

One of the standout advantages of TOR Coatings is their long-term protection. Their coatings are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your surfaces remain shielded and attractive for years to come. Moreover, the fast application process ensures minimal disruption, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of TOR Coatings swiftly.

A fresh new look is another hallmark benefit of TOR Coatings. Whether you’re rejuvenating the appearance of walls or roofs, their coatings provide a transformative effect that can breathe new life into any space. Additionally, these coatings are easily applied, making the process hassle-free and efficient.

TOR Coatings also offers the advantage of colour matching, allowing you to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your property. Plus, their coatings are versatile and suitable for a variety of surfaces, making them a multi-surface solution that simplifies your coating needs.

Types of TOR Coating We Can Utilise

At Colorkote, we have access to a range of specific TOR Coatings to cater to your needs. These coatings encompass options like Unicover S & Unicover Ultra S Roofs and Cladding Coating, as well as the Elastaseal Liquid Flat Roofing System. Each of these TOR Coating products offers unique benefits and applications to ensure your surfaces receive the protection and enhancement they require.

TOR Coatings Sussex

Unicover S & Unicover Ultra S Roof and Cladding Coating

At Colorkote, we bring our wealth of experience to the forefront when it comes to providing cladding coating services, offering a rapid transformation for external cladding. TOR’s Unicover S & Ultra Range Roofs & Cladding Finish, which we expertly apply, play a pivotal role in safeguarding, maintaining, and enhancing the appearance of external cladding surfaces.

These TOR Coatings stand out for their ease of application and waterproofing properties, delivering a swift solution to protect against the adverse effects of long-term weather exposure. As a result, buildings retain their pristine appearance for extended periods.

Notably, Unicover S offers a generous 10-year warranty, while Ultra S boasts an even more robust 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring peace of mind for property owners.

Elastaseal Liquid Flat Roofing System

Elastaseal, a leading liquid flat roofing system, is a key offering we are fully accredited to supply and apply at Colorkote. This advanced system provides exceptional waterproofing and leak protection for up to an impressive 25 years.

Liquid roofing, as exemplified by Elastaseal, involves the application of cutting-edge waterproof coating systems onto roof substrates. It distinguishes itself from traditional and sheet roofing materials by offering substantial advantages. The system features a cold, liquid-applied, breathable, seamless membrane that encapsulates the entire roof. It dynamically adapts to roof movements and facilitates vapour release from the underlying substrate.

Elastaseal liquid roofing solutions are not only cost-effective but also significantly safer than alternatives like felt application, as they eliminate the need for hot works on roofs. This means that properties can remain in use during refurbishments.

These coatings are versatile and can be applied to new or existing roof membranes, suitable for a variety of roof designs, including flat, pitched, and domed roofs.

Other Coatings We Offer

In addition to our comprehensive range of TOR Coatings roofing products, Colorkote offers a diverse selection of other high-quality coatings to meet your specific needs. These other coatings include:


Colorkote proudly serves as approved and accredited suppliers and applicators of a comprehensive range of Giromax coatings. Our partnership ensures that our clients benefit from the industry’s best, backed by a 25-year insurance guarantee on all Giromax products, including Girocote, Delcote, and Seamsil Silicone Systems.

These coatings are recognised for their exceptional UV and corrosion resistance, and their waterproofing properties, making them ideal for refurbishing commercial roofing and cladding. As Giromax-approved applicators, we adhere to the highest standards and receive comprehensive technical support, ensuring the optimal application of these highly effective coatings.

TOR Coatings Sussex

AkzoNobel Steelseal

Colorkote proudly serves as approved and accredited suppliers and applicators of AkzoNobel Steelseal, a specially formulated coating designed to protect various architectural cladding materials. This versatile product is effective on steel, galvanised surfaces, PVC, polyester, silicone polyester, pvf2-coated substrates, and primed aluminium.

Produced by AkzoNobel, a global leader in industrial coatings for over 25 years, Steelseal boasts excellent weathering and waterproofing properties and a long life expectancy. Its durability translates to lower maintenance costs for your cladding.

As trusted suppliers and applicators, Colorkote ensures that all work involving Steelseal is covered by a 10-year product warranty, providing peace of mind for your projects.

Why Choose Colorkote for TOR Coatings, Sussex Clients?

With over two decades of industry expertise, Colorkote is your trusted choice for TOR Coatings in Sussex. Our extensive experience ensures that we can transform your property with maximum precision and minimum disruption.

We’ve also established partnerships with Europe’s leading manufacturers, allowing us to offer you superior industrial coatings that provide unrivalled protection and durability. When you choose Colorkote, you choose excellence in the field, backed by a legacy of experience and a commitment to delivering top-quality results for our clients.

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