Waste Recycling Plant 4,000 M2, London

The site was a blight on the landscape being a very large building of bright colour. The client wished to tone down the building to blend in with the local landscape.

A 10 yr warranty was requested on the completed work, and the building required very specialist high-level access, especially for the chimneys. Additionally the site needed to remain fully operational with hundreds of lorry deliveries daily. The original coating was failing peeling in areas and required manual repair and preparation.
ColorKote cleaned the building thoroughly, initially with a high pressure water jet, followed by hand preparation with repairs made and a final hand applied clean with thinners to ensure good quality adhesion for the paint. The paint system used (Steelseal paint system) required a primer and topcoat for this application to deliver sufficient coverage and protection.

Within 3 weeks, with only a small site presence the building was completely transformed to the required specification and signed off on each elevation by the client with a full manufacturers 10 year warranty supplied.