Industrial Paint Spraying Companies

Are you in search of the most cost-effective and professional industrial paint spraying services available? If you are, then you need to call the team at Colorkote today on 01202 798 993 for the best among any of the industrial paint spraying companies. We have extensive experience in providing bespoke solutions and delivering exceptional results at competitive prices.


Superior Companies For Industrial Paint Spraying


When it comes to industrial paint spraying companies, it always pays to make sure you are using the best. In this respect, the team at Colorkote has made that decision very easy for you. Our industrial paint spraying services are the only services you need to consider. We utilise our years of experience, comprehensive knowledge of the industry, and skilful execution to deliver fantastic results regardless of the size or complexity of the project.


Whether you are looking to transform your metal roofing, vertical cladding, shop front, suspended ceiling, soffits, and many others, our specialists at our industrial paint spraying companies can give you the results you have been searching for and more.


Market leading products


Thanks to the working relationships we have with some of the biggest names in paint, the majority of our work comes with a manufacturer-backed paint guarantee. From corrugated sheets to flat composite PVF2 panels, our industrial paint spraying company can handle it all. Some of the manufacturers and brands we work with include:

  • Industrial paint spraying companiesGiromax
  • AkzoNobel
  • Tor Coatings
  • Zinsser UK Allcoat (Water Based)
  • Seamless Coatings SCL 50 Smoothseal
  • 3m Di-Noc Architectural Finishes


If you would like to know more about the brands that our industrial paint spraying companies use, take a look at our products page.




There are many potential elements of a commercial property, and that is why our industrial paint spraying company is able to tackle the following types of industrial paint spraying services:

  • Cladding & Roller Shutters
  • Curtain Walling & Shopfrontages
  • Cut Edge Corrosion
  • Intumescent Paint Spraying
  • Roof Spraying
  • Suspended Ceilings And Soffits


Here at Colorkote, we always make sure we are using the best product for your specific requirements and the project’s requirements as well. Whether you need a simple recoating to renew tenant dilapidations or a complete spraying, we have the services and skills that you need.


Intumescent Industrial Paint Spraying Companies

The intumescent paint we offer is designed to give your property an added layer of fire protection, which is sometimes hard to come by within commercial and industrial buildings. Depending on the level of protection you require, our coatings can provide up to 120 minutes of fire protection.


Why Choose Our Companies For Industrial Paint Spraying?


Here at Colorkote, we take pride in our services. That means we are consistently going the extra mile for our clients to ensure they are completely satisfied with the results. Our reputation is well known across the South, and our name has become synonymous with exceptional quality, splendid results, and very competitive prices.


Our products are backed by up to 15 years of manufacturer guarantee, and we are certified suppliers for all of the brands we use. If your project is particularly large scale, then we are happy to work alongside other contractors so that you can keep to your predesignated schedule.


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