Liquid Roofing Solutions

Are you searching for a company to provide you with liquid roofing solutions that can offer years of protection? If you are, look no further than Colorkote, a company working in partnership with Tor Coatings to supply and apply all Tor systems. To find out more about the solutions we can provide, please call us today on 01202 798993.

What is a Liquid Roofing System?

Liquid roofing solutionsLiquid roofing solutions are the process of applying high technology waterproof coating systems onto roof substrates. It is a technology unlike any other, offering significant advantages over conventional and sheet roofing materials.


As a Tor Coatings partner, we are accredited to supply and apply all Tor Coatings products, including:

  • Rustoleum Noxyde
  • Torclad MC Cladding Finish and Raincoat Cladding Finish
  • Elastaseal

Rustoleum Noxyde

This is a water-based elastomeric coating that provides up to 15 years of corrosion protection. It protects against cracking and peeling, prevents rust from spreading, is UV-resistant and protects against abrasion. This coating does not flake as it moves with metal roofs as they expand and contract.

Its excellent adhesion to metal means that it is completely waterproof, and no underlying rust can occur. Additionally, minimal surface preparation is needed, and it can be applied in a spray. As it is quick and easy to apply, we can provide these liquid roofing services with minimal disruption.

Torclad MC Cladding Finish and Raincoat Cladding Finish

Here at Colorkote, we are experienced in offering roof coating services to give external cladding an instant facelift. These systems help to protect, maintain and improve the appearance of external cladding. They are quick and easy to apply and protect against long term weather damage, so buildings stay looking better for longer.


We are fully accredited to supply and apply Elastaseal, which offers protection against leaks for up to 25 years. This liquid roofing system provides a cold liquid applied, breathable, seamless membrane encapsulating the entire roof. It moves with the roof and allows vapour release from the existing substrate.


Liquid roof coating services are more cost-effective that other roof repair options and are considerably safer than the likes of felt application. With no need for hot works on the roof, a property can remain in use with the refurbishment is taking place. These coatings can be applied to new or existing roof membranes and are suited to flat, pitched and domed roof designs.

Why Choose Our Liquid Roofing Solutions?

Liquid roofing solutionsAt Colorkote, we have over 15 years of experience in providing a range of services for commercial, industrial and leisure clients. We are a team who can transform your property with minimal disruption. From spray painting and traditional painting to a liquid roofing system, we have the experience and knowledge to handle it all.


We have partnered with leading manufacturers, such as Tor Coatings, to offer superior industrial coatings backed by their own manufacturer’s warranty of up to 15 years. The coatings we use on our roof coating services are high adhesion, fast curing and hard wearing, enabling us to achieve a smooth finish.


If you have a large scale project requiring liquid roofing systems, look no further than the Colorkote team. We work closely together with other contractors on larger projects, all with minimum disruption to you being our top priority. As a company, we are always seeking new technologies and products in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the end result.


We are able to provide unrivalled knowledge and confidence in choosing the right liquid roofing solutions for you. Our commitment to the highest standards of service and results enable us to establish and build long term clients relationships based on trust and hard work. We are confident you won’t find another supplier as experienced and knowledgeable as us.

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