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Are you responsible for a new building project that is still in need of the most up-to-date and reliable fire protective systems to ensure the safety of your new build? Perhaps you have an existing building under your charge that needs to be refurbished and updated to ensure that it still complies with modern safety standards. It is important that you take the necessary safety precautions in all of your building work, including ensuring that all necessary surfaces are effectively covered in fire protection coatings. Bournemouth-based customers can rely on Colorkote to provide services in painting and spray painting protective coatings. To speak to our team of experts, call today on 01202 798993.

The Safest Fire Protection Coatings Bournemouth Clients Can Trust

If you are in charge of maintaining or constructing a building in Bournemouth, fire protection coatings simply cannot be overlooked. You cannot afford to leave anything to chance, which is why it is necessary that you work with trained and experienced professionals who can comply with proper application procedures.


At Colorkote, our team can provide one of the most thorough, comprehensive services for fire protection coatings in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. We understand that the key considerations for any construction or refurbishment project is to protect both the building and it users, reduce financial or business losses, and potentially save lives. When it comes to this kind of important work, you can rest assured that you will not find a team more committed to providing a high-quality service.


At Colorkote, we are experts in commercial and industrial spray-painting, and have over 15 years’ experience of working with protective materials such as fire protection coatings. Bournemouth customers have benefited not only from our high standard of work, but also our partnership with some of Europe’s leading manufacturers of protective coatings.


This means that we can offer the best industrial coatings and their manufacturers’ warranties of up to 15 years to our valued clients in Bournemouth. Fire protection coatings applied by our team are highly adhesive, fast curing, and hard wearing with a smooth, eye-catching finish.

Where Can This Be Used and Why Do I Need It?

Fire protection is generally applied directly to structural steel elements in order to ensure that, in the worst-case scenario that a building catches fire, it can maintain its structural integrity. It is a little known fact that steel can lose up to half of its load-bearing capacity at the critical failing temperature of 550°C or more.


This only serves to highlight the strict importance of ensuring that a building’s structure is protected to the highest standard by only the best fire protection coatings. Bournemouth commercial and industrial clients will work with Colorkote’s preferred coating supplier, Giromax, for all of our services related to fire protection. This means that we are trained to the highest standards possible and that our customers will know that we are also backed by Giromax’s full technical support and assistance too.


At Colorkote, we work with a large range of Giromax products, meaning that we have experience working with a wide array of different fire protection coatings. Bournemouth-based customers will soon realise that, over the years, we have amassed a great deal of knowledge about the different types of wet-applied fire protection. One example of protection works by creating a form of insulation that reduces the amount of heat transferred steel which can vastly delay the metal from reaching critical failing temperature.


As you can see, what could become a serious life or death situation could be seriously affected by the correct application of the highest quality fire protection coatings. Bournemouth can and will benefit from increased fire safety in many of its buildings when its residents use the services of the Colorkote team.

Choose Colorkote for All Your Bournemouth Fire Protection Coatings

At Colorkote, we have earned our reputation as the South Coast’s commercial spray painting experts, thanks to our long service and our trained experts. We offer spray painting services for a range of commercial, retail, and industrial clients, having worked on roofs, cladding, and shop fronts with a range of solutions including fire protection coatings. Bournemouth customers who have already experienced our polite, knowledgeable and efficient service can vouch that we are constantly innovating and keeping our eye on cutting edge industry developments.


We’ve already built long-term, trusting relationships with our clients – an important factor in work such as fire protection coatings in Bournemouth that’s critical to customers’ safety. We will always work with you to find the right solution tailored to your requirements and with the aim of keeping disruption to our clients at an absolute minimum.


Fire Protection Coatings in Bournemouth

If you need any further convincing about the quality of our solutions for fire protection coatings, Bournemouth customers are welcome to research our past projects.



We are confident that the quality of our work can speak for itself.

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